M20 & M21 frame and Engine numbers

With this KM20 and WM20 engine and frame number list it's possible to see which war time bikes are still around, we might also locate the whereabouts of that lost engine. When spare engine and frame numbers are also in this list we might even be able to combine an original frame and engine again.

If you think this list is a good idea please send me your frame and engine numbers.

Bastiaan and Nick bsawdm20(at)hotmail.com

KM20 & WM20 Motorcycles

Listings in Orange are for KM21 series.
Listings in Red are for KM20 series.
Listings in Green are for WM21 series.
Listings in blue are for WM20 series.
Listings in Pink are for WM20 matching engine and frame numbers.
Listings in Black are for non matching correct type engine.
Listings in brown are for non K or W prefix engine numbers.
Matching engine and frame numbers found so far:
Numbers: Frame owner: Engine owner: Reunited again:
WM20.24001 Sal Aanstad, USA Manolis Zachariou, Crete, Greece Yes
WM20.45045 Keith Watson, Australia Allan Gough, Australia Yes
WM20.70913 Vincenzo Cavaliere, Italy Rémi colle, France No
WM20.81813 Richard White, UK Damon Dardaris, USA No
WM20.115602 Richard Yard, UK Stuart Woods, Hong Kong No
WM20.115789 Daan Boterman, Holland Mark Lempriere, UK No
Owner / email Country Year Frame number Engine number Destination then
Alan Curtis UK 19-12-1938 KM20.776 KM21.307 Civilian London
Chris Koppert Holland 26-01-1939 KM20.884 KM21.347 Civilian Norwich
David Barker UK 18-08-1939 KM20.1487 KM21.1107 Civilian Craydon
Maciej Cieplinski Poland 04-03-1939 KM20.2000 KM21.8341 Civilian Germany
Wout Deelen Holland 25-07-1939 KM20.4799 KM21.677 War Office Holland
Owner / email Country Year Frame number Engine number Destination then
Michel Bacque Belgium 04-11-1938 KM20.348 KM20.2396 War Office London
Michael Koren USA 01-11-1938 KM20.431 WM20.1092 War Office London
Andy Haxby UK 10-11-1938 KM20.478 WM20.54510 War Office London
Hart Douglas UK KM20.1069 WM20.7830
Robert Smewing France 19-04-1939 KM20.1288 KM20.1288 War Office London
Diego Pajuelo Almodóvar Spain 26-04-1939 KM20.1358 WM20.8691 War Office London
NN Holland 27-04-1939 KM20.1376 KM20.1376 War Office London
Leon Hoppenbrouwers Holland 27-04-1939 KM20.1478 KM20.215 War Office London
Chris Boswell South-Africa 14-03-1939 KM20.2154 KM21.1032 Civilian Melbourne
Ray Sellin Australia 01-04-1939 KM20.2276 KM20. Civilian
Raf Vangenechten Belgium 17-03-1939 KM20.2339 KM21.1252 The AA
Charlie Haws USA 07-06-1939 KM20.2757 KM20. Civilian London
Niek Baecke Belgium 03-07-1939 KM20.3396 WM20.465 HC India London
Mike Savill UK 03-07-1939 KM20.3441 KM20.2441 War Office London
Marcus  France 07-07-1939 KM20.3542 KM20.2542 HC India London
Dennis Galea Malta 07-07-1939 KM20.3679 WM20.25341 War Office London
Pattyn jean-pierre France 22-07-1939 KM20.3993 KM21.464 War Office London
Mark Letchford UK 24-04-1939 KM20.4290 KM20.992 War Office London
Hugh Mc Glynn Ireland 02-08-1939 KM20.4961 KM20.1762 D. of Defence Dublin
Jacques Gramser Holland 06-09-1939 KM20.5012 KM20.5012 War Office London
Samuel McCallion Northern-Ireland 06-09-1939 KM20.5022 WM20.106670 War Office London
Owner / email Country Year Frame number Engine number Destination then
Henri Dopierala USA 31-10-1939 WM20.296  WM21.296 Civilian Cairo
Tim Foster Indonesia 31-10-1939 WM20.318  WM20.111204 Civilian Cairo
Allan Gough Australia 07-11-1939 WM20.339 WM21.339 Civilian Cairo
Robby Prinsen Holland 03-11-1939 WM20.356 WM20.110537 War office London
Gordon Sinclair UK 03-11-1939 WM20.358  WM21.538 Civilian Cairo
David Haight USA 03-11-1939 WM20.430  WM21. Civilian Cairo
Er Ki Poland 21-03-1940 WM20.1336 WM21. War Office Holland
Richard Vercouteren Italy 08-03-1940 WM20.1385  WM21. War Office Holland
Jacob Nieland Holland 06-03-1940 WM20.1435  WM21.2443 War Office Holland
Henk Joore Holland 29-05-1940 WM20.2415  WM21.2473 Holland-UK
Steve Lanktree Canada 30-05-1940 WM20.2966 WM20.86392 War office London
Andrew Warren UK ? 16-07-1940 WM20.4073 WM20.92797 M.O.D Dublin
Owner / email Country Year Frame number Engine number Destination then
Timothy Mays UK 11-09-1939 WM20.161 WM21.171 War office London
Gilles Moulin France 13-09-1939 WM20.163 WM20.67096 War office London
Chris Malta  Malta 12-09-1939 WM20.171 WM20.64917 War Office London
Nick Hendriks Holland 12-09-1939 WM20.200 KM20.1090 War Office London
Patrick Lena France 30-12-1939 WM20.751 WM20.8335 Civilian
Lee Wright Australia 29-12-1939 WM20.809 WM20.809 Australia
David Duff New-Zealand 05-02-1940 WM20.969 WM20.246 New-Zealand
Chris Boswell South-Africa 00-00-1940 WM20.976 WM20.114  
Gerard Woltjer Holland 19-02-40 WM20.1233 KM20.137 war office Holland
B Holland 28-03-1940 WM20.2255  WM20.6546 D. of Defence Dublin
John O'Brien UK 05-03-1940 WM20.2329 WM20. D. of Defence Dublin
Ben Pontier Kenya 00-00-1940 WM20.2349 WM20.23315  
Robin Ledger   06-02-1940 WM20.2638 WM20.7479 High Comm S. Africa
Stephen Malherbe South Africa 13-01-1940 WM20.2639 WM20.2639 High Comm S. Africa
Philip Camilleri Malta 00-00-1940 WM20.3075 WM20.92995  
Gerrit Bruggink Holland  20-02-1940 WM20.3154 WM20.78872 The India Office
Kimble West UK 20-02-1940 WM20.3261 WM20. The India Office
Andy Smith UK 20-02-1940 WM20.3359 WM20.112090 The India Office
Marko Fritsche Germany 00-00-1940 WM20.3785 WM20.3835  
Rofiq ? 00-00-1940 WM20.3881 WM20.76377
Wiebe Kunst Holland 00-00-1940 WM20.4037 WM20.30848  
Bradley Lander Ireland 00-00-1940 WM20.4147 WM20.447  
Alan Gilbert USA 17-03-1941 WM20.4223 WM20.91433 BSA Transport dept.
Stuart Bray UK 30-08-1941 WM20.4454 WM20.4454 D. of Defence Dublin
Steve Eustace UK 14-10-1941 WM20.4515 WM20.4505 D. of Defence Dublin
Chris Barker UK 14-10-1941 WM20.4516 WM20.4516 D. of Defence Dublin 
John O'Brien UK 14-10-1941 WM20.4547 KM20.611 D. of Defence Dublin
Martin Gleeson Ireland 05-11-1941 WM20.4571 KM20.676 D. of Defence Dublin
Steve Madden UK 21-09-1939 WM20.5030 WM20.5030 War Office London
Peter Worwood UK  21-09-1939 WM20.5160 WM20.5160 War Office London 
Larry Salo USA  25-09-1939 WM20.5327 WM20.5327  War Office London
Håkan Snäckerström Sweden 28-09-1939 WM20.5914 WM20.5914 War Office London
Eamon O'Neill UK  02-10-1939 WM20.6212 WM20.6212  War Office London
Anton van der Wilt Holland 02-10-1939 WM20.6222 WM20.107931 War Office London
Jordan Fossard France 07-10-1939 WM20.6580  WM20.6580  War office London
Alessandro Rinaldo Italy 11-10-1939 WM20.6747 WM20.104035 War Office London
Wain Ferguson Ireland 12-10-1939 WM20.6899 WM20.113970 War Office London
Bas van duinkerken Holland 16-10-1939 WM20.7104 WM20.7104 D. of Defence Dublin
David robertson Scotland  13-10-1939 WM20.7287 WM20.30029 War Office London
Pete Thomas UK 13-10-1939 WM20.7287 WM20.47779 War office London
Bob Barlow  Sweden  16-10-1939 WM20.7321 WM20. War Office London 
David Kirk UK 19-10-1939 WM20 7559 WM20.26983 War Office London
Mario Cauchi Gozo-Malta 00-00-1939 WM20.7571 WM20.7571 War Office London
Jean-Jacques Staquet Belgium 26-10-1939 WM20.7760 WM20.7057 War Office London
Chris Hall UK 25-10-1939 WM20.7824 WM20.7824 War Office London
Ketil Juul Olsen Norway
WM20.7861 WM20.8121 ? War Office London
Leon Hoppenbrouwers Holland  01-11-1939 WM20.8427 WM20.8427 War Office London
Tim-Tig Indonesia 01-11-1939 WM20.8450 WM20.8450 War Office London
Jeff Bandola USA 06-11-1939 WM20.8549 WM20.82777 War Office London
Henry Kwee Germany 02-11-1939 WM20.8623 WM20.93268 War Office London
Danny Marelly Israël 09-11-1939 WM20.9137 WM20.47178 War Office London
Peter Brooks UK 09-11-1939 WM20.9184 WM20.27408 War Office London
Adrian Rampton UK 15-11-1939 WM20.9537 WM20.22445 War Office London
Philippe Buloup France 09-12-1939 WM20.9595 WM20.9595 War Office London
Erik Faaberg Norway 17-11-1939 WM20.9682 WM20.9682 War Office London
Michael Blackburn  USA 18-11-1939 WM20.9899 WM20.105673 War Office London
Tomasz Reichman  Poland  21-11-1939 WM20.9998 WM20.9998 War Office London
Gerard Bossink Holland 21-11-1939 WM20.10201 WM20.91597 War Office London
Gideon Jucha Israel 14-12-1939 WM20.10499 WM20.9664 War Office London
Cay Bjurquist Sweden 07-12-1939 WM20.10763 WM20.67606 War Office London
Dave Cranfield UK 07-12-1939 WM20.10626 MS7814 War Office London
Jean Neu Santiago, Chile 12-12-1939 WM20.10948 WM20.10948 War Office London
Mohit S India, Bangalore 09-12-1939 WM20.10976 WM20.10976 War Office London
Stuart Bray UK 16-12-1939 WM20.11458  WM20.79512 War Office London
Athanasios Papoutsis Greece 12-01-1940 WM20.11674 WM20.120376 War Office London
Sieds Hiddema  Holland 15-01-1940 WM20.11805 WM20.79666 War Office London
Ron Pier UK 15-01-1940 WM20.11816 WM20.19511 War Office London
Mathias Suignard France 08-01-1940 WM20.12003  WM20.12003  War Office London
Frank Zweers Holland 19-01-1940 WM20.12697 WM20.12697 War Office London
Udo Waanders Holland  24-01-1940 WM20.12814  WM20.12814  War Office London
Rob Miller UK 05-10-1942 WM20.13142 sidecar WM20.32834 M. of Supply London
Jon Mercer UK 20-11-1942 WM20.13153 sidecar WM20.14176 M. of Supply London
Justitiawan  Indonesia  00-00-1940 WM20.13606 WM20.2719 M. of Supply London
Rob Westerveld Holland 13-02-1940 WM20.14053 WM20.14053 War Office London
Chris Dawson USA 12-02-1940 WM20.14125 WM20.9(8or3)030  War Office London
Peter Rubens Canada 22-02-1940 WM20.14711 WM20.96217  War Office London
Jérémie Decreus  France 21-02-1940 WM20.14753 WM20.14753 War office London
Dave Cranfield (friend) UK 06-03-1940 WM20.15803 WM20.23276 War office London
Peter Steltenpool Holland 08-03-1940 WM20.15964 WM20.60199 War office London
Michiel Wijbenga Holland 13-03-1940 WM20.16247 WM20.16855 War Office London
Tom Cutler UK? 14-03-1940 WM20.16343 WM20.111223 War Office London
Bernard Cettour France 14-03-1940 WM20.16398 WM20.16398 War Office London
Marc Diemert France 08-04-1940 WM20.16717 WM20.16717 War Office London
Shimon Borobinsky USA 05-04-1940 WM20.16936 WM20. War Office London
Andrew Carlson USA 06-04-1940 WM20.17046 WM20.101329 War Office London
Philippe V Lartigue France 09-04-1940 WM20.17203 WM20.17203 War Office London
Fred Woltjer Holland 25-04-1940 WM20.17209 WM20.17209 War Office London
Sylvain Breffy (friend) France 15-04-1940 WM20.17287 WM20.17287 War Office London
Vincent Anquez France 12-04-1940 WM20.17335 WM20.17335 War Office London
Hein van Egmond Holland 13-04-1940 WM20.17435 WM20.17435 War Office London
Sylvain Breffy France 13-04-1940 WM20.17462 WM20.17462 War Office London
Mick Jones UK 16-04-1940 WM20.17510 WM20.56000 War Office London
Keith Sprague UK 25-04-1940 WM20.17961 WM20.18558  War Office London
Jorge Galan Spain 04-05-1940 WM20.18099 ZM21.340 War Office London
Alejandro Aja Spain 14-05-1940 WM20.18120 WM20.19456 War Office London
Dave Whitehouse  UK 04-05-1940 WM20.18140 WM20.130 War Office London
Ian Ranson UK 20-05-1940 WM20.18950 WM20.79635 War Office London
Harry Monaghan UK 24-05-1940 WM20.19349 WM20.17013 War office London
Colin Gibson South-Africa 25-04-1940 WM20.19435 JM.1251 War Office London
Massimo Colpo Italy 26-06-1940 WM20.19660 WM20.5852 War Office London
Bas Broeders Holland 31-04-1940 WM20.19938 WM20. War Office London
Cris Ryckewaert Belgium 30-05-1940 WM20.20075 WM20.21264 War Office London
Raf Vandebroek Belgium 03-06-1940 WM20.20147 WM20.90759 War Office London
Luciano Brambilla Italy 03-06-1940 WM20.20341 WM20.20341 War Office London
Enrique Gonzalez Calderon Mexico 06-06-1940 WM20.20605 MSB 20605 War Office London
Mike Armstrong UK 05-06-1940 WM20.20632 WM20.22256 War office London
Matthew Tostevin UK 08-06-1940 WM20.20820  WM20.66676 War Office London
Peter Rubens Canada 08-06-1940 WM20.20864 WM20 93263 War Office London
Ron Bohm USA 12-06-1940 WM20.21011 WM20.12718 War Office London
Jonas Pölda Sweden 13-06-1940 WM20.21167 WM20.21167 War Office London
Nils Rosok Norway 13-06-1940 WM20.21183 WM20.26514 War Office London
Clif Munro Australia 15-06-1940 WM20.21347


War Office London
Lisa Smith UK 17-06-1940 WM20.21500 WM20.121251 War Office London
Claude MATROT France 20-06-1940 WM20.21612 WM20.6935 War office London
Chris Harrison UK 21-06-1940 WM20.21716 WM20.101761 War office London
Jean Jacques Counen Belgium 24-06-1940 WM20.21934 WM20.24654 War Office London
John Plummer UK 29-06-1940 WM20.22485 WM20.23523 War Office London
Geoffrey Livingstone UK ? 04-07-1940 WM20.22793 WM20. War office London
Franz Jones USA 04-07-1940 WM20.22827 WM20.102901 War Office London
Pokie Parmidge   12-07-1940 WM20.23004 WM20.94573 War Office London
Brent Hamer Holland 17-07-1940 WM20.23409 WM20.24238 War Office London
John Plummer  UK 16-04-1940 WM20.23520 WM20.6605 War Office London
Anders_Trygg Sweden 17-07-1940 WM20.23527 WM20.80196 War Office London
John Wrazej USA 23-07-1940 WM20.23754 WM20.103199 War Office London
roy van Dorp Holland 24-07-1940 WM20.23932 WM20.23932 War Office London
Sal Aanstad USA 25-07-1940 WM20.24001 WM20.26192 War Office London
Arnold Overtoom Holland 03-08-1940 WM20.24529 WM20. War Office London
Mark Lempriere UK 03-08-1940 WM20.24553 WM20.115789 War Office London
Gert Schipper Holland 19-08-1940 WM20.24813 WM20.5922 War Office London
Pete Jeffery UK 04-09-1940 WM20.25117 WM20.18097 War Office London
Christian Reed USA 04-09-1940 WM20.25261 WM20.59242 War Office London
Thomas Davis UK 26-08-1940 WM20.25372 WM20.23646 War Office London
John Cyprus 29-08-1940 WM20.25474 WM20.17112 War Office London
Tony Gaston UK 28-08-1940 WM20.25550 Not given War Office London
Bob Whiteaker USA 31-08-1940 WM20.25673 WM20.106055 War Office London
Bob Megetsur USA 02-09-1940 WM20.25742 WM20.26150 War Office London
Chris Malta  Malta 03-09-1940  WM20.25798 WM20. War Office London
William A Gray Shetland Islands 05-09-1940 WM20.25974 WM20.55985 War Office London
Gerard Woltjer Holland 04-09-1940 WM20.25986 WM20.91130 War Office London
Hlynur Tomasson Iceland 07-09-1940 WM20.26005 WM20.26005 War Office London
Chad Castle UK 17-09-1940 WM20.26458 WM20.89629 War office London
Harold Jeuring Holland 17-09-1940 WM20.26476 WM20.101-251 War Office London
Dave Boocock UK 18-09-1940 WM20.26522 WM20.50273 War Office London
Stuart Bray UK 02-09-1940 WM20.26791 WM20.100761 War Office London
Kevin Burnett UK 24-09-1940 WM20.26874 WM20.47421 War Office London
Dave Towers UK 27-09-1940 WM20.27086 WM20.1850 War Office London
Mike Savage UK  02-10-1940 WM20.27252 WM20.81992 War Office London
Mike Armstrong UK 10-10-1940 WM20.27772 WM20.85655 War office London
Brian Gough UK 11-10-1940 WM20.27814 WM20.1913 War Office London
Per Thyrén Sweden 16-10-1940 WM20.28056 WM20.69840 War Office London
Fred Crusade  USA 19-10-1940 WM20.28321 WM20.28321 War Office London
Ivan Bortolotti Italy 24-10-1940 WM20.28450 WM20.68637 War Office London
Gordon Leishman USA 30-10-1940 WM20.28820 WM20.14132 War Office London
Paul Crisp UK 01-11-1940 WM20.29023 WM20.29023 War Office London
John Bangs UK 01-11-1940 WM20.29030 WM20.29335 War Office London
Mick Jones UK 01-11-1940 WM20.29041 WM20.62041 War Office London
James Custeau USA 02-11-1940 WM20.29061 WM20.48577 War Office London
Alexander Argentina 05-11-1940 WM20.29203 WM20. War Office London
Pieter van 't Oost Holland 05-11-1940 WM20.29216 WM20.29220 War Office London
Bob Clayton UK 09-11-1940 WM20.29582 WM20.26064 War Office London
Stuart Bray UK 11-11-1940 WM20.29646 WM20.3069 War Office London
Rob van Meel Holland 13-11-1940 WM20.29649 WM20. War Office London
Jim Hall UK 12-11-1940 WM20.29686 WM20.22777 War Office London
Richard James  UK 12-11-1940 WM20.29727 WM20.42200 War Office London
Rodney Perry USA 14-11-1940 WM20.29848 WM20.29573 War Office London
Josef Bugeja Malta 16-11-1940 WM20.29960  WM20.106143 War Office London
Wim Meijer Holland 28-12-1940 WM20.30248 WM20.20576 War Office London
Arnold Overtoom Holland 27-12-1940 WM20.30273 WM20.43680 War Office London
Paul McCormack Ireland 30-12-1940 WM20.30307 WM20.55123 War office London
Jerry Pokorny USA 31-12-1940 WM20.30314 WM20.25904 War Office London
Mark Towers UK 31-12-1940 WM20.30335   WM20. War Office London
Bob Wark USA 31-12-1940 WM20.30397 WM20.30160 War Office London
Tom Gray UK 06-01-1941 WM20.30690 WM20.19116 War Office London
Chris Malta  Malta 08-01-1941 WM20.30799 WM20. War Office London
Jan Robbertsen Holland 09-01-1941 WM20.30861  WM20.30861  War Office London
Nigel Bodimeade UK 10-10-1941 WM20.30871 WM20.29578 War Office London
Alessandro Verardi Italy 08-02-1941 WM20.30910 WM20.32210 War Office London
NN     Roy Anbergen Holland 25-01-1941 WM20.31715 WM20.97184 War Office London
Pawel Poland 03-02-1941 WM20.31778 WM20.31778 War Office London
Peter Wright Wales  30-01-1941 WM20.31876 WM20.118627 War Office London
Al Hendrick 01-02-1941 WM20.31986 WM20.16683 War Office London
Mike Savage UK  02-02-1941 WM20.32127 WM20.92968 War Office London
Graham Emmanuel Wales 11-02-1941 WM20.32291 WM20.78094 War Office London
Stuart Hall USA 07-02-1941 WM20.32311 WM20.121971 War Office London
Charles Kraffmuller France 12-02-1941 WM20.32608 WM20.32608 War Office London
Mick Australia 21-02-1941 WM20.32651 WM20.71429 War Office London
Martin Pepler Engeland 15-02-1941 WM20.32756 WM20.32756 War Office London
Mark Towers UK 31-12-1940 WM20.30335 WM20.42244 War Office London
Stuart Bray UK 19-02-1941 WM20.33050 WM20.56123 War Office London
Anthony Kenmare   23-02-1941 WM20.33124 KM20.2779 War Office London
David Blevings Northern-Ireland 25-02-1941 WM20.33304 WM20.23172 War Office London
Henk Joore Holland 26-02-1941 WM20.33382  WM20.33382 War Office London
Terry Teasdale UK 04-03-1941 WM20.33425 WM20. War Office London
Paul Eastwood USA? 27-02-1941 WM20.33558 734325 War Office London
Bob Wales UK  06-03-1941 WM20.33991 WM20.102742 War Office London
Roel Postma Holland 07-03-1941 WM20.34003 WM20.5581 War Office London
Brent Blakely Canada 12-03-1941 WM20.34300       WM20.114401 War Office London
Peter Greenfield UK 12-03-1941 WM20.34310 WM20.29858 War office London
Eddy Blasizzo Italy 12-03-1941 WM20.34335 WM20.73748 War Office London
Patrick Myhr USA 13-03-1941 WM20.34376 WM20.80379 War Office London
Cas Vanderwoude Hawaii 22-03-1941 WM20.34382 WM20.34382 War Office London
Giuseppe Carpano Italy 15-03-1941 WM20.34579 WM20.45878 War Office London
Colin Harmes UK 19-02-1941 WM20.34824  WM20.18005 War Office London
Max Kleine Holland 21-11-1941 WM20.34994 WM20. War Office London
Lewis Laurito USA 25-03-1941 WM20.35232 WM20.55900 War Office London
Rick Wyatt USA 26-03-1941 WM20.35258 WM20.102635 War Office London
Mike Savage U K  04-04-1941 WM20.35292 WM20.7951 War Office London
Pete Bibby  Yorkshire 01-04-1941 WM20.35328 WM20.219  War Office London
Christian Schober (Friend) USA? 04-04-1941 WM20.35341 WM20.90334 War Office London
Peter Webster UK 04-1941 WM20.35324 WM20.35502 War Office London
Andrew Blewitt
Germany 03-04-1941 WM20.35495 WM20.31075 War Office London
John Green   03-04-1941 WM20.35502 WM20.74804 War Office London
HB Holland 03-04-1941 WM20.35509 WM20.46892 War Office London
Steve Lanktree Canada   April 1941 WM20.35538 WM20. War Office London
Hussein Lokman Egypt 00-00-1941 WM20 35574                       WM20.6574  War Office London
Mel Smith USA? 17-04-1941 WM20.36027 WM20.36501 War Office London
Christopher Tubman UK 18-04-1941 WM20.36054 WM20.94641 War Office London
Peter Paul Camilleri Malta 18-04-1941 WM20.36069 WM20.20040 War Office London
Bob Wales UK 22-04-1941 WM20.36220 WM20.27866 War Office London
HB Holland 22-04-1941 WM20.36231 WM20.93934 War Office London
Wilco Bosch Holland 25-04-1941 WM20.36335 WM20.66063 War Office London
Mathew Broughton
UK 28-04-1941 WM20.36555 WM20.55558 War Office London
Martin steininger Czch Republic 26-04-1941  WM20.36585 WM20.36585 War Office London
Colin Reilly UK 02-05-1941 WM20.36879 WM20.61156 War Office London
Nigel Stevenson UK 03-05-1941 WM20.36974 WM20.17261  War Office London
Jeff Earls USA 05-1941 WM20.37071 WM20.114356  War Office London
Subash Chandran Malaysia 12-05-1941 WM20.37472 WM20.37472 War Office London
John Postel Holland 12-05-1941 WM20.37601 WM20.88016 War office London
Denny Christian Indonesia 05-1941 WM20.37883 WM20.120974 War office London
David Pugliesi  ? 23-05-1941 WM20.37956 WM20. War Office London
Per Olof Andersson Sweden 22-05-1941 WM20.37978 WM20.31401 War Office London
Pierre Ciantar Malta 27-05-1941 WM20.38159 WM20.38159 War Office London
Steve Worley Malta 27-05-1941 WM20.38213 WM20.38363 War Office London
Clive Micallef Malta 27-05-1941 WM20.38271 WM20.38271 War Office London
Mark Lo Buglio USA 03-06-1941 WM20.38438 WM20.17501 War Office London
Karen Walton 03-06-1941 WM20.38494 WM20.38494 War Office London
Rick Brouard Guernsey 04-06-1941 WM20.38644 WM20.9154 War Office London
Stuart Bray UK 23-06-1941 WM20.39243 WM20.39243 War Office London
Noam Zehavi Israel 04-07-1941 WM20.39557 WM20.93775 War Office London
Michael Clarke Australia 08-07-1941 WM20 39600 WM20.46969 War Office London
Joe Rosson USA 00-00-1941 WM20.39662 XM21.2835 War Office London
Graeme Bush Australia 14-07-1941 WM20.40008 WM20.41768 War Office London
Raphaël MAURIN France 12-07-1941  WM20.40174 WM20.34041 War Office London
Glen Campbell Australia 15-07-1941 WM20.40206 WM20.48518  War Office London
Conrad Muller Australia 14-07-1941 WM20 40230 WM20. War Office London
Neil Nicolao Australia 14-07-1941 WM20.40262 WM20.40262 War Office London
Brian Forth Australia 18-07-1941 WM20.40393 WM20.40393 War Office London
Russel HP Australia 07-1941 WM20.40451 WM20.41802 War Office London
Sean Walsh Australia 23-07-1941 WM20.40633 WM20.48507 War Office London
Sacko Australia 25-07-1941 WM20.40715 WM20.44444 War office London
John Taylor New-Zealand 28-07-1941 WM20.40775 WM20.40775 War Office London
Geoff Bridgland Australia 30-07-1941 WM20.41025 WM20.60210 War Office London
Bob Australia 08-1941 WM20.41037 WM20.41037 War Office London
David James Australia 11-08-1941 WM20.41252 WM20.59209 War Office London
Adam Palmer Australia 13-08-1941 WM20.41436 WM20.52598 War Office London
Ramon Berlauwt Holland 22-08-1941 WM20.41951 WM20.112270 War Office London
Phillip Huffman USA 21-08-1941 WM20.41978 WM20.111847 War Office London
Madeleine Ziger
Luxembourg 25-06-1941 WM20.42506 WM20.42506 M. of Supply London
Peter Chipperfield UK 25-06-1941 WM20.42598 SA1394 M. of Supply London
Tim Falvey USA 17-07-1941 WM20.42752 WM20.116414 M. of Supply London
Ko Timmer Holland 09-07-1941 WM20.42784 WM20.23611 M. of Supply London
Tony Payne UK 27-07-1941 WM20.42821  WM20.33473  M. of Supply London
Keith Wilkie ? 29-07-1941 WM20 43028 WM20.45657 M. of Supply London
David Hampshire UK  19-08-1941 WM20.43306 WM20.43306  M. of Supply London
Donald Foretich   20-08-1941 WM20.43322 WM20.97345 M. of Supply London
Bill Knuckey Australia  01-08-1941 WM20.44260 WM20.44260  M. of Supply London
Manfred Plankensteiner Austria 27-08-1941 WM20.43327 WM20.43327 M. of Supply London
Menno Keizer   Holland 02-09-1941 WM20.43402 WM20.11220 M. of Supply London
Cris Ryckewaert Belgium 27-08-1941 WM20.43481 WM20.79841 M. of Supply London
Steve Madden UK 04-09-1941 WM20.43501 WM20.43501 M. of Supply London
HB Holland 02-09-1941 WM20.43561 WM20. War Office London
John Golarz  USA 17-09-1941 WM20.43761 WM20.88595 M. of Supply London
Kai Florian Scholten Germany 03-10-1941 WM20.43861 WM20.79787 M. of Supply London
Michel van der Zande Holland 31-07-1941 WM20.44180 W 7382 M. of Supply London
Carlo Pediani Scotland 25-08-1941 WM20.44311 WM20.NU8303P M. of Supply London
Steve Ingham Australia 27-08-1941 WM20.44418 WM20.44418 M. of Supply London
Malcolm James Australia 26-08-1941 WM20.44435 WM20.44435 M. of Supply London
Zack Carnegie-Smith  Australia 30-08-1941 WM20.44588 WM20.45809 M. of Supply London
Paul Andrews Australia 01-09-1941 WM20.44615 WM20.44615 M. of Supply London
Stuart Bray UK 10-09-1941 WM20.44996 WM20.269 M. of Supply London
Keith Watson Australia 00-00-1941 WM20.45045 WM20.45045 M. of Supply London
Duncan Fyfe New-Zealand 12-09-1941 WM20.45107 WM20.45107 M. of Supply London
Mark Keogan UK            1941 WM20.45352 WM20.34798 M. of Supply London
Simon Ridgway Australia 12-09-1941 WM20.45117 WM20.45117 M. of Supply London
Greg Jolly Australia 19-09-1941 WM20.45458 WM20.45458 M. of Supply London
John Pace  New-Zealand 26-09-1941 WM20.45462 WM20.112882 M. of Supply London
Dan Salino Australia 20-09-1941 WM20.45611 WM20.56800 M. of Supply London
Allan Gough Australia 22-09-1941 WM20.45640 WM20.45640 A M. of Supply London
Jim Hull UK 22-09-1941 WM20.45799 WM20. M. of Supply London
Tony Wilshire Australia 26-09-1941 WM20.45948 WM20.45948 M. of Supply London
Bolt Australia 27-09-1941 WM20.45961 WM20.45961 M. of Supply London
Tony Stefani USA 29-09-1941 WM20.46025 WM20.106223 M. of Supply London
David Moxham UK 30-09-1941 WM20.46229 WM20.23418 M. of Supply London
Bryce Anderson Australia 02-10-1941 WM20.46232 WM20.46232 M. of Supply London
Dave Petfield UK 06-10-1941 WM20.46535 WM20.46535 M. of Supply London
Barry Ford Australia 07-10-1941 WM20.46561 WM20.57102 M. of Supply London
Simon Howes UK 08-10-1941  WM20.46716 WM20.70592 M. of Supply London
Hussein Lokman Egypt 09-10-1941 WM20.46760 WM20.46760 M. of Supply London
Mike Jeremy Australia 14-10-1941 WM20.46993 WM20.51448 M. of Supply London
Philip Coles  ISLE of WIGHT 23-10-1941 WM20.47666 WM20. M. of Supply London
Patrick Meagher UK 23-10-1941 WM20.47688 WM20.116233 M. of Supply London
Anders Nielsen Denmark 23-10-1941 WM20.47572 WM20.47572 M. of Supply London
Djamel Msakni & Tunisia 10-1941 WM20.47936 WM20.31916 M. of Supply London
D. Norris & C. Morris UK 29-10-1941 WM20.48094 WM20.66872 M. of Supply London
Ron Moran Australia 30-10-1941 WM20.48113 WM20.48224 M. of Supply London
Bert Lenderink Holland 05-11-1941 WM20.48211 WM20.73558 M. of Supply London
Sam Vidane Australia 03-11-1941 WM20.48382 WM20.53106 M. of Supply London
Bolt Australia 06-11-1941 WM20.48548 WM20.48548 M. of Supply London
John Behrens Holland 07-11-1941 WM20.48654 WM20.82200 M. of Supply London
Ian Brashaw Australia 14-11-1941 WM20.48863 WM20.48863 M. of Supply London
Kevin Bennett Australia 12-11-1941 WM20.48871 WM20.77667 M. of Supply London
Sterling Ball Australia 18-11-1941 WM20.48978 WM20.41642 M. of Supply London
Venkatesh_ Gopalji India 14-11-1941 WM20.49200 WM20.49774 M. of Supply London
Mick Australia 19-11-1941 WM20.49388 WM20.49388 M. of Supply London
Nikil Rangadas India 01-12-1941 WM20.49852 Not legible M. of Supply London
Vincenzo Murphy USA 27-11-1941 WM20.50078 WM20.32609 M. of Supply London
Justin Bell Australia 06-12-1941 WM20.50529 WM20.72455 M. of Supply London
Carla Phillips Australia 10-12-1941 WM20.50610 WM20.50610 M. of Supply London
Avro Lancaster museum UK 24-12-1941 WM20.51635 WM20.51635 M. of supply London
David Barry Australia 12-1941 WM20.50681 KM21.732 M. of Supply London
Jan Zimmermann Germany 09-12-1941 WM20.50708 WM20.43421 M. of Supply London
Jeff Riggs UK 15-12-1941 WM20.51086 WM20.7144 M. of Supply London
Terry Oakley Australia 16-12-1941 WM20.51250 WM20.46558 M. of Supply London
Chris Worrall UK 29-12-1941 WM20.51320 WM20.50236 M. of Supply London
Donald Payne Australia 18-12-1941 WM20.51349 WM20.41805 M. of Supply London
David Long Australia 19-12-1942 WM20.51380 WM20.54915 M. of Supply London
Bruce Boustead Australia 24-12-1941 WM20.51568 WM20.51568 M. of Supply London
Hinrik Steinsson Iceland 24-12-1941 WM20.51702 WM20.51702 M. of Supply London
Frank Nielsen Danmark 29-12-1941 WM20.51708 WM20.51708 M. of Supply London
Bruce Teterin Australia 05-01-1942 WM20.51860 WM20.51860 M. of Supply London
Tony Moore UK 01-01-1942 WM20.51937 WM20.62235 M. of Supply London
Neil Hindle UK 02-01-1942 WM20.52072 WM20.52072 M. of Supply London
Fussek Jaroslav Slovakia 02-01-1942 WM20.52105 WM21.12541 ?? M. of Supply London
Allan Gough Australia 05-01-1942 WM20.52241 WM20.52241 M. of Supply London
Jörgen Johansson Sweden 07-01-1942 WM20.52434 WM20.52434 M. of Supply London
Hilger Jagau Germany 07-01-1942 WM20.52465 WM20.59717 M. of Supply London
Stefan Seeger Germany 13-02-1942 WM20.52705 WM20.110923 M. of Supply London
Moenes Alaswad Egypte 14-02-1942 WM20.52753 WM20.99632 M. of Supply London
Arnold Overtoom Holland 15-09-1942 WM20.52901 WM20. M. of Supply London
Kit Harvey UK  14-09-1942 WM20.53388 WM20.71170 M. of Supply London
Jon Sewell UK 26-01-1942  WM20.53489 WM20.79787 M. of supply London
Clément Groscaux France 27-01-1942 WM20.53503 WM20.4735 M. of supply London
Gerard Woltjer Holland 12-02-1942 WM20.53729 WM20.115511 M. of Supply London
Dave T. UK 15-01-1942 WM20.53879 WM20.17520 M. of Supply London
Glenn Johns Australia 03-02-1942 WM20.54098 WM20.54098 M. of Supply London
Dave Hargreaves Australia 05-02-1942 WM20.54146 WM20.54146 M. of Supply London
John Richardson Australia 05-02-1942 WM20.54263 WM20.54263 M. of Supply London
Keith Atkinson Australia 06-02-1942 WM20.54299 WM20.39600 M. of Supply London
Doug Watson New-Zealand 13-02-1942 WM20.54567 WM20.54567 M. of Supply London
Dennis Wentink Holland 18-02-1942 WM20.55099  WM20.35689 M. of Supply London
Chris Malta  Malta 18-02-1942 WM20.55128 WM20. M. of Supply London
Alfons van den Ingh Holland 02-03-1942 WM20.55726  44422 M. of Supply London
Clive Sammut Malta 03-03-1942 WM20.55813 WM20.71666 M. of Supply London
Bruce Murray New-Zealand 28-02-1942 WM20.55877 WM20.55877 M. of Supply London
Rev Stephen Davis Australia 09-03-1942 WM20.56172 WM20.56172 M. of Supply London
David Barker UK 05-03-1942 WM20.56183 WM20.54135 M. of Supply London
Dan Parker Australia 18-03-1942 WM20.56377 WM20.56377 M. of Supply London
Froggo Australia 13-03-1942 WM20.56532 WM20.56532 M. of Supply London
NN Holland 16-02-1942 WM20.56914 WM20. M. of Supply London
Nic Dunbar UK 21-03-1942 WM20.57143 WM20.79500 M. of Supply London
Davide Sansottera
Italy 07-04-1942 WM20.57145 WM20.57145 M. of Supply London
John Oldland Australia 27-03-1942 WM20.57149 WM20.57149 M. of Supply London
James Kent Australia 11-04-1942 WM20.57206 WM20.54908 M. of Supply London
Allan Gough Australia 31-03-1942 WM20.57232 WM20.51557 M. of Supply London
Trev Thompson Australia 30-03-1942 WM20.57290 WM20.57290 M. of Supply London
Bill Owens Australia 30-03-1942 WM20.57279 WM20.41090 M. of Supply London
Gary UK 27-03-1942 WM20 57467 WM20 57467 M. of Supply London
Cobra Classics UK  30-03-1941 WM20.57586 WM20.29170  M. of Supply London
Chris Watts Australia 08-04-1942 WM20.57864 WM20.57864 M. of Supply London
Brian Forth Australia 10-04-1942 WM20.57959 WM20.57959 M. of Supply London
Bryce Anderson Australia 09-04-1942 WM20.57993 WM20.70128 M. of Supply London
Norman Chester Australia 15-02-1942 WM20.58036 WM20.2084 M. of Supply London
Ron Sadler Australia 11-04-1942 WM20.58053 WM20.58053 M. of Supply London
Peter Price Australia 14-04-1942 WM20.58080 WM20. 49963 M. of Supply London
Billy Arbuckle Australia 14-04-1942 WM20.58128 WM20.71385 M. of Supply London 
Steven Jenner  Australia 13-04-1942 WM20 58252 WM20.62295 M. of Supply London
Conrad Muller Australia 13-04-1942 WM20 58281 WM20 58281 M. of Supply London
Moenes Alaswad Egypte 22-04-1942 WM20.58670 WM20.58670 M. of Supply London
Hans Muller Holland 22-04-1942 WM20.58764 WM20. M. of Supply London 
Justin Bell Australia 29-04-1942 WM20.59111 WM20.70712 M. of Supply London 
Dan Australia 25-04-1942 WM20.59136 WM20.62284 M. of Supply London
Michael Hughes Australia 01-05-1942 WM20.59282 WM20.61047 M. of Supply London 
Dave Wandin Australia 30-04-1942 WM20.59332 WM20.60779 M. of Supply London 
Tony Muir Australia 30-04-1942 WM20.59372 WM20.58036 M. of Supply London
Darren Preece Australia 30-04-1942 WM20.59389 WM20.59389 M. of Supply London 
Tim Said Australia 30-04-1942 WM20.59424 WM20.6663 M. of Supply London
Jon Woithe Australia 01-05-1942 WM20.59477 WM20.61084 M. of Supply London
Nick and Pete Australia 06-05-1942 WM20.59533 WM20.59533 M. of Supply London 
Lino Furegon Italy 08-05-1942 WM20.59677 WM20.73636 M. of Supply London
Roy Armstong Australia 07-05-1942 WM20.59741 WM20.60013 M. of Supply London 
Holger Schönknecht Germany 07-05-1942 WM20.59853 WM20.59853 M. of Supply London 
Clint Richardson (Doc) USA 16-05-1942 WM20.60357 WM20.98615 M. of Supply London
Rob Dick  Australia 21-5-1942 WM20.60604 WM20.60604 M. of Supply London
Luigi Piatti Italy 26-05-1942 WM20.60792 WM20.60792 M. of Supply London 
Conrad Muller  Australia 28-05-1942 WM20.60963 WM20.51179 M. of Supply London
Shayne Moy Australia 30-05-1942 WM20.61018 WM20.61018 M. of Supply London
Alistair Third Australia 30-05-1942 WM20.61027 WM20.61027 M. of Supply London
Darren Cartwright Australia  29-05-1942 WM20.61052 WM20.60729 M. of Supply London 
Anders Callmyr Sweden 30-05-1942 WM20.61066 WM20. M. of Supply London
Mike Klinger USA 01-04-1942 WM20.61209 WM20.80141 M. of Supply London 
Raymond Schollick Australia 04-06-1942 WM20.61219 WM20.44327 M. of Supply London
John White Canada 05-06-1942 WM20.61524 WM20.72448 M. of Supply London 
Danny Burt UK 05-06-1942 WM20.61616 WM20.6683 M. of Supply London
Rev Stephen Davis Australia 09-06-1942 WM20.61715 WM20.51079 M. of Supply London
Roy Parker Australia 11-06-1942 WM20.61724 WM20.61724 M. of Supply London 
Dan Parker Australia 13-06-1942 WM20.61968 WM20.61968 M. of Supply London
Stephen Bell Australia 13-06-1942 WM20.62000 WM20.40152 M. of Supply London 
Ali Krumpen Germany 17-06-1942 WM20.62141 WM20.60321 M. of Supply London 
Morgan Kyrk Sweden 19-06-1942 WM20.62370 WM20. M. of Supply London 
Mike Wilding Australia 20-06-1942 WM20.62386 WM20.62386 M. of Supply London
Charles Lofstedt UK 06-07-1942 WM20.63391 WM20.90106 M. of Supply London
Mark Farnay Australia 22-06-1942 WM20.62392 WM20.44223 M. of Supply London
Sold on ebay Australia 08-06-1942 WM20.62731 WM20.68484 M. of Supply London 
Nicolas Bernal Argentina 29-06-1942 WM20.62973 WM20. M. of Supply London 
Mark Parr Australia   09-07-1942 WM20.63125 WM20.63125 M. of Supply London
Francesco Bausi Italy 04-07-1942 WM20.63373 WM20.17963 M. of Supply London 
Charles Fitton Canada 15-07-1942 WM20.63876 WM20.10939 M. of Supply London
Tony Hurst UK 14-07-1942 WM20.63880 8-1934 M. of Supply London 
Howard.Chapman Australia 28-07-1942 WM20.64600 WM20.91533 M. of Supply London 
Luciano Brambilla Italy 24-07-1942 WM20.64608 WM20.64608 M. of Supply London
Cristian Berti Italy 00-00-1942 WM20 64678 WM20 64678 M. of Supply London 
Peter Paul Camilleri Malta 28-07-1942 WM20.64771 WM20.93824 M. of Supply London
Hendrik van Oorspronk Holland 11-08-1942 WM20.65176 WM20.81184 M. of Supply London 
Ben Klinger USA 20-08-1942 WM20.65651 WM20.xxxxx M. of Supply London 
Manuel Duengler Austria 01-09-1942 WM20.66320 WM20.75519 M. of Supply London
Albert Pascual Spain 01-09-1942 WM20.66406 WM20.64716 M. of Supply London
Martyn Humphreys  UK 03-09-1942 WM20.66457 Not available yet M. of Supply London
Giacomo Bonora Italy 03-09-1942 WM20.66479 WM20.66479 M. of Supply London 
Will Samples USA 00-00-1942 WW20 66735 WM20.98240 M. of Supply London
Alfonso Dente Italy 18-09-1942 WM20.67238 WM20.67238 M. of Supply London 
Antonis Rigoutsos Greece 24-09-1942 WM20.67551 WM20.94001 M. of Supply London 
Brian Bennett  Australia 26-09-1942 WM20.67826 WM20.67826 M. of Supply London
Andrea Sorgoli Italy 26-09-1942 WM20.67851 66.63 M. of Supply London 
Jeff Dennis Australia 30-09-1942  WM20.68004 WM20.68004 M. of Supply London 
Auction sale 2019 Australia 30-09-1942 WM20.68004 WM20.68004 M. of Supply London 
Lammert de Vries Holland 29-09-1942 WM20.68023 WM20.81938 M. of Supply London
Dave Marler USA 05-10-1942  WM20.68202 ZM33.1601 M. of Supply London 
Keith Deguara   05-10-1942 WM20.68361 WM20.68361 M. of Supply London
Janno Engelen Holland 10-10-1942  WM20.68720 WM20.82307 M. of Supply London 
Venkatesh Gopalji India 14-10-1942 WM20.68961 WM20.104654 M. of Supply London
Leon van Bekkum Holland 16-10-1942 WM20.69131 WM20.78973 M. of Supply London 
Mick Pfennig Australia 22-10-1942 WM20.69512  WM20.68483 M. of Supply London
Jaap Ettema Holland 1942  WM20.69989 WM20.69989  
Peter Lee Australia  1942  WM20.70211 WM20.70211   
Eddy Kuipers Holland 1942 WM20.70257 WM20.100119  
Romain Garnier France 1942 WM20.70515 WM20.29528  
Brandon Lentz USA 1942 WM20.70299 WM20.87057   
Sjaak Serier Holland 1942 WM20.70320 WM20.6683  
Håkan Snäckerström Sweden 1942 WM20.70364 WM20.69929  
Rick Geraerts Holland 1942 WM20.70449 WM20.70449   
Tom Hopkins USA 1942 WM20.70909 WM20.82469   
Vincenzo Cavaliere Italy 1942 WM20.70913 WM20.60280  
Stan Vierhout Holland 1942 WM20.71130 WM20.71130    
Simon Myers UK 1942 WM20.71160 WM20.94894   
Roelof van Wijk Holland 1942 WM20.71186 WM20.76478   
Don Cheyne UK 1942 WM20.71239 WM20.31214   
Raymond Schollick Australia 1942 WM20.71386 WM20.57460   
Adam Felstead Australia 1942 WM20.71421 ZM20.1297  
Marco Leo Italy 1942 WM20.71525  WM20.71525  RAF sidecar
Brian Moore UK 1942 WM20.71628 WM20.67435  
George Formosa Gozo 1942 WM20.71809 WM20.60842  
Maarten Engels Holland 1942 WM20.71820 WM20.94326  
Chris Barker UK 1942 WM20.71813 WM20.80547   
Tony Brunyee UK 1942 WM20.71869 WM20.16532  
Jon Williams USA 1942 WM20.71970 WM20.105377  
Arie Hamer Holland 1942 WM20.72213 WM20.118055  
Wal and Vicki lovell Australia 1942 WM20.72312 WM20.72312  
Keith Rinoni USA 1942 WM20.72474 WM20.72474  
Craig Lyford USA 1942 WM20.72673 WM20.72673  
Al Mosher USA 1942 WM20.72759 WM20.103944   
Cormac Gray UK 1942 WM20 72774 WM20.64119   
Stephen Carvalho USA 1942 WM20.73043 WM20.107373   
Cal Culver USA 1942 WM20.73115 WM20.73115   
Joe Defazio USA 1942 WM20.73152 WM20.96122   
Ruben van den Ingh Holland 1942 WM20.73175 WM20.33969    
Paul Anderson UK 1942 WM20.74280 WM20.74200    
Mariusz Woznica Poland 1942 WM20.74366 WM20.  
Jerry Carlsson Sweden 1942 WM20.74450 WM20.74450  
Andrea Bossotti Italy 1943 WM20.74789 WM20.47530  
Eric Kotzur USA 1943 WM20.74905 WM20.98536  
Rob Miller UK 1943 WM20.75051 WM20.102154   
Michael Koren USA 1943 WM20.75062 WM20.85428   
Mahesh India  1943 WM20.75176 WM20.75176  
Chris Moss UK 1943 WM20.75228 WM20.20388   
Menelaos Danellis Greece 1943 WM20.75563 WM20.57369   
Doug Holley USA 1943 WM20.75888 WM20.30455  
Asim Ahmad Pakistan  1943 WM20.75889 WM20.75889  
Thomas Carey Switzerland 1943 WM20.76044 WM20.66721  
Venkatesh_ Gopalji India 1943 WM20.76234 WM20.79534  
Ronald Ganance USA 1943 WM20.76321 WM20.95045  
Pietro Oldini Ilaly 1943 WM20.76322 WM20.10119  
Dan Australia 1943 WM20.76369 WM20.115024   
Keith Alderman UK 1943 WM20.76371 WM20.99958  
Calum Sherrington  UK 1943 WM20.76950 WM20.76950  
Ben Thomson Australia 1943 WM20.77490 ZM20.11019  
Phillip M Thompson Australia 1943 WM20.77556 WM20.77556  
Rémi colle  France 1943 WM20.77882 WM20.70913  
Mick Australia 1943 WM20.78071 WM20.78071  
Leigh Hughston UK 1943 WM20.79085 WM20.83901  
Trevor Australia 1943 WM20.78096 WM20.78096  
Billy Arbuckle Australia 1943 WM20.78146 WM20.78146  
Jo Beaumont Australia 1943 WM20.78188 WM20.78188  
Stan Vierhout Holland 1943 WM20.78934  WM20.55930  
Chad Castle UK 1943 WM20.79096 WM20.27000  
Eric Kotzur USA 1943 WM20.79105 WM20.53492  
Willem de Mol Holland 1943 WM20.79236 WM20.118144  
Martin Collins UK 1943 WM20.79506
Alan Savolini Italy 1943 WM20.79561 WM20.99822  
David Duff New Zealand 1943 WM20.79806 WM20.  
Tom Hopkins USA 1943 WM20.79885 WM20 93031  
Mark Cook UK 1943 WM20.79910 WM20 87131  
HB Holland 1943 WM20. 79939 WM20.  
Bill Read USA 1943 WM20.80032 WM20.94431  
Ramon Berlauwt Holland 1943 WM20.80052 KM20.682  
Maciej Kulas Poland 1943 WM20.80165 DB33.32BL  
Sandro Sammarone Italy 1943 WM20.80188 WM20.26881
Anthony Lapointe USA 1943 WM20.80243 WM20.98929  
Steve Treser USA 1943 WM20.80247 WM20.112195  
Simon_Bray UK 1943 WM20.80458 WM20.98389  
Chris Parker   1943 WM20.80482 WM20.86645  
Guy Klinkenberg Belgium 1943 WM20.80510 WM20.  
Tim Lewis UK 1943 WM20.80541 WM20.19560  
Witold Kuchcinski Poland 1943 WM20.80599 WM20.80599  
Drew Edwards UK 1943 WM20.80774 WM20.72507  
Gonneke Teeuwen-Renssen Holland 1943 WM20.80918 WM20.76988  
Akin Murad UK 1943 WM20.80919  Not legible found buried
Chris Davis USA 1943 WM20.80948 WM20.94105  
Robert Strong UK 1943 WM20.80998 LAK/7/55  
Cor Engelen USA 1943 WM20.81117 WM20.  
Luciano Brambilla Italy 1943 WM20 81135 WM20.9350  
Luciano Brambilla Italy 1943 WM20.81375  WM20.81375   
Frank Cupido Holland 1943 WM20.81605 BM20 179 1574  
Tom Schepens Belgium 1943 WM20.81643 BM20 4115  
Stephen Malherbe South Africa 1943 WM20.81626 WM20.  
Andre Heal UK 1943 WM20.81708 WM20.86771  
Richard White UK 1943 WM20.81813 WM20.102275  
Bas van Duinkerken Holland 1943 WM20.82020 WM20.82020  
Chris Coxon UK 1943 WM20.82088 WM20.  
Nico in 't Hout Holland 1943 WM20.82092 WM20.8233  
Allan Hunter USA 1943 WM20.82427 WM20.98163  
Mart Steinmann Holland 1943 WM20.82476 WM20.B 115524    
Peter Ingram UK 1943 WM20.82306 WM20.5265  
Gilles Bauduin France 1943 WM20.82453 WM20.96640  
Auke Dijkstra Holland 1943 WM20.82484 KM20.2916  
Reid Roper USA 1943 WM20.82634 WM20.  
Niklas Ericsson Sweden 1943 WM20.82883 WM20.9989  
Kevin and Tina Martin UK 1943 WM20.82920 WM20.8638  
Marco Ciucchi Italy 1943 WM20.83377 WM20.83377  
Brent Blakely Canada 1943 WM20.83661 WM20.73201  
Janaka Bolduc USA 1943 WM20.83746 WM20.100169  
Adrian Permana Indonesia 1943 WM20.83754 WM20.106246  
Thorsten Jarek Germany 1943 WM20.84031 WM20.84031  
Stuart Woods Hong Kong 1943 WM20.84084 WM20.115602  
Jack Helderman Holland 1943 WM20.84133 WM20.84133  
Bjorn Nuchelmans Holland 1943 WM20.84177 WM20.75670  
Santhosh Kumar India 1943 WM20.84324 WM20.75901  
Frank Chamalaun Holland 1943 WM20.84444 WM20.84444  
Valter Caccin Italy 1943 WM20.84501 WM20.84501  
Nick Togneri USA 1943 WM20.84629 WM20.9244  
Glen Willems Holland 1943 WM20.84986 WM20.72840  
Roger Beck UK 1943 WM20.85085 WM20.98980  
Geoff Davies UK 1943 WM20.85419 WM20.50290   
Jan Pieterson Holland 1943 WM20.85464 WM20.33024  
Michael Gebhard Germany 1943 WM20.85472 WM20.85472  
Joe Munion USA 1943 WM20.85572 WM20.5303  
Tim Mohr USA 1943 WM20.85701 WM20.74265  
Mark Frost USA 1943 WM20.85745 WM20.38849   
Frank Buderer Germany 1943 WM20.86166 WM20.116300  
Steve Lanktree Canada 1943 WM20.86392 WM20.2966   
Piotr Sulima Poland 1943 WM20.86520 WM20.86520   
Pete Thomas UK 1943 WM20.86778 WM20.96947   
Marian Pesea Romania 1943 WM20.86898 WM20.86898   
Gancho Ganev Bulgaria 1943 WM20.86908 WM20.86908   
Renzo Gio Italy 1943 WM20.86948  
Patrick Schlenker Switzerland 1943 WM20.87210 WM20.72112   
Alan Crighton India 1943 WM20.87525 WM20.87525   
Raymond Robberstad Norway 1943 WM20.87972 WM20.87972   
Bas van Duinkerken Holland 1943 WM20.88023 WM20.104343   
Enrique Gonzalez Calderon Mexico 1943 WM20.88038 WM20.100364   
Cymon Charnley Uganda 1943 WM20.88039 WM20.75763   
Henrie Groeneveld Holland 1943 WM20.88063 WM20.108654   
Mike Spillard UK 1943 WM20.88064 WM20.30875   
Peter Pauwels Holland 1943 WM20.88082 WM20.837   
Christian Schober Austria 1943 WM20.88546 WM20.88546  
Grzegorz Tarnicki Poland 1943 WM20.88641 WM20.89432   
Huang  Kuen-Shii Taiwan 1943 WM20.88699 WM20.87347   
Scevola Italy 1943 WM20.88721 WM20.73400  
Alessio Airò Italia 1943 WM20.88900 WM20.88900   
Glenn Mullan Northern-Ireland 1943 WM20.89076 WM20.94278   
Tony White UK 1943 WM20.89098 WM20.57646   
Arnold Overtoom Holland 1943 WM20.89402 WM20.89402   
Dietmar Teismann Germany 1943 WM20.89734 WM20.89734   
Brion Fitzpatrick USA 1943 WM20.89772 145   
Jacco van Snippenberg Holland 1943 WM20.89815 WM20.89815   
Werner Morlock USA 1943 WM20.89875 WM20.   
John Edwards USA 1943 WM20.89914 WM20.79966   
R. De Haas Holland 1943 WM20.90086 WM20.90086  
Boudewijn Verhoeff Holland 1943 WM20.90358 WM20.113393   
Daniele Rossi Italy  1943 WM20.90394 WM20.90394   
Don Mac Gillavry Holland 1943 WM20.90720 WM20.90720   
John Patch  USA 1943 WM20.90866 WM20.82381   
Ryan Adie USA 1943 WM20.91515 WM20.98160  
Martti Laaksonen Finland 1943 WM20.91646 WM20.  
Dave Wadiak USA 1943 WM20.91794 WM20.97201   
???? Holland 1943 WM20.92416 WM20.27409   
Mick Skehan Australia 1943 WM20.92593 WM20.44573   
Colin Harmes UK 1943 WM20.92745 WM20.762411   
Diego Galli Italy 1943 WM20.92758 WM20.92758   
Julian Moy UK 1943 WM20.92814 WM20.92814   
Katsuo Inoue Japan 1943 WM20.92834 WM20.88680   
Carl Holm Finland 1943 WM20.92892 WM20.30966  
Scott Larke UK 1943 WM20.92934 WM20.88106   
Mike Klinger USA 1943 WM20.93275 WM20.56928   
Pierre ALBISSON France 1943 WM20.93315 WM20.93315  
Harry Keijzer Holland 1943 WM20.93336 WM20.29043   
Holger Schönknecht Germany 1943 WM20.93505 WM20.37448   
Marcel Fekete Slovakia 1943 WM20.93645 WM20.93645  
Roy Speake UK 1943 WM20.93767 WM20.19031   
Colin Brindley UK 1943 WM20.93874 WM20.116039  
David Bakker  USA 1943 WM20.93979 WM20.70285    
Kyösti Svala FINLAND 1943 WM20.94171 WM20.94171   
Ted Koks Holland 1943 WM20.94173 WM20.94173   
George Kitson UK 1943 WM20.94235 WM20.94235   
Dave T UK 1943 WM20.94330 WM20.6663   
Mike Kaczorowski USA 1943 WM20.94555 WM20.103726  
Peter Overtoom Holland 1943 WM20.95470 WM20.95470   
Jan van der Zee Holland 1943 WM20. 96124 WM20.71274
paul madden Australia 1943 WM20.96343 WM20.96343   
Heinz Seine Germany 1943 WM20.94723 WM20.94723   
Petros Tsirvoulis Greece 1943 WM20.94941 M20.39076   
Herman Hermans Holland 1943 WM20.94987 WM20.38910   
Paul Steer UK 1943 WM20.95036 WM20.95036   
Patrick McArn USA 1943 WM20.95260 WM20.11313  
glenn verkain  Belgium 1943 WM20.95758 WM20.  
unknown owner USA 1943 WM20.95795 WM20.29873   
Francesco Bausi Italy 1943 WM20.95898 WM20.96893   
gerard woltjer Holland 1943 WM20.95919 WM20.95919   
Karl Vandoninck Belgium 1943 WM20.95999 WM20.91638   
Arjen Janse Holland 1943 WM20.96010 WM20.96010   
Laurent Fouillet USA 1943 WM20.96118 WM20.80129   

Bertil Pålsson

Sweden 1943 WM20.96025  WM20.96025   
Theo Bult Holland 1943 WM20.96117 WM20.100373   
Andrew Ayre UK 1944 WM20.96412 WM20.82885  
Rob Dillen Holland 1944 WM20.96466 WM20.10221    
Ian Murell UK 1944 WM20.96801 WM20.116152   
Peter Paul Camilleri Malta 1944 WM20.96923 WM20.85870      
Franck Leprince France 1944 WM20.96998 WM20.71820   
Bob OBrien USA 1944 WM20.97102 WM20.94932   
Tony Talbot UK 1944 WM20.97138 WM20.90087   
Arnold Hoekmeier Holland 1944 WM20.97293 WM20.   
Cees Heemskerk Holland 1944 WM20.97329 WM20.29061   
Jeremy  UK 1944 WM20.97347 WM20.79615   
Aaron Bee USA 1944 WM20.97492 WM20.97123   
Dick Tait Fullerton USA 1944 WM20.97547  WM20.21457   
Axel Jagau Germany 1944 WM20.97768 WM20.83858   
Graham Brook  UK 1944 WM20.97812 WM20.14547   
Eduardo Jercog Argentina 1944 WM20.97831 WM20.97831   
Mr. X. Italy 1944 WM20.97834 WM20.18765   
Eric Halberstadt USA 1944 WM20.97983 WM20.14722   
Laurent Gausseres France 1944 WM20.97986 WM20.97986   
Jan-Frans Bastiaanse Holland 1944 WM20.98004 WM20.35186   
Dave Campbell Alaska 1944 WM20.98131 WM20.105838   
Mark Sawicki USA 1944 WM20.98166 WM20.99239   
Stewart Hong Kong 1944 WM20.98341 WM20.98341   
Tom Gent USA 1944 WM20.98357 M016 602O   
Roy van Dorp Holland 1944 WM20.98375 WM20.95147   
Neil Sharp UK 1944 WM20.98661 SE 30299   
Koenraad Verheyen Belgium 1944 WM20.98711  WM20.98711    
David Smith UK 1944 WM20.98827 WM20.104379  
Odell Wiggins USA 1944 WM20.99022 WM20.99653   
GeKra-Motors.nl Holland 1944 WM20.99089 WM20.34786   
Barry Green UK 1944 WM20.99675 WM20.99675   
Robert Thomas USA 1944 WM20.99792  WM20.90210   
Tom Quin Scotland 1944 WM20.99801 WM20.99801   
Ivan de Vos Belgium 1944 WM20.99806   WM20.63998     
Lino Curmi   Gozo 1944 WM20.99843 WM20.121894   
Greg Hyduke  USA 1944 WM20.99925 WM20.27715   
Esteban Codo Argentine 1944 WM20.99941 WM20.99941   
Frans Hendriks Holland 1944 WM20.100181 KM20.1140   
Thanasis Karvounakis Greece 1944 WM20.100222 WM20.33773   
Juan Pablo Vigo Argentine 1944 WM20.100249 WM20.100249   
Richard Johnson UK 1944 WM20.100297 WM20.97620  
JOHN BUTTERWORTH UK 1944 WM20.100349 WM20.   
John Childs UK 1944 WM20.100452 WM20.100452   
Stan Vierhout Holland 1944 WM20.100479 WM20.2063131   
David USA 1944 WM20.100533 WM20.112614   
Adrian Caraccio UK 1944 WM20.100811 WM20.100811   
Tomek Laciak Poland 1944 WM20.100893 WM20.   
Max Italy 1944 WM20.100995 WM20.100995   
Tom Murphy USA 1944 WM20.101223 WM20B 112135   
Jim USA 1944 WM20.101319 WM20.73758   
Gary UK 1944 WM20.101362 WM20.101362   
Frank Brewer USA 1944 WM20.101531 WM20.5960   
Dennis Bosma Holland 1944 WM20.101542 WM20.   
Leif Evans Wales 1944 WM20.101910 WM20.89618   
Rick Simmons USA 1944 WM20.101461 WM20.101461   
Paul Browning UK 1944 WM20.101634 WM20.23671   
Holger Schönknecht Germany 1944 WM20.101752 WM20.101752   
Peter Staring Holland 1944 WM20.101885 WM20.   
George Karamarias Greece 1944 WM20.102118 WM20.112306   
Hussein Lokman Egypt 1944 WM20.102280 WM20.102280   
Dietl Hans Germany 1944 WM20.102319 WM20.102319   
Moenes Alaswad Egypt 1944 WM20.102372 WM20.25428   
BRIAN RUTTER UK 1944 WM20.102417 A5858   
Roger Sweden 1944 WM20.102684 WM20.102684   
Marc Verberck Belgium 1944 WM20.102685 WM20.11341   
Wilfred kelting Holland 1944 WM20.102956 WM20.21016   
Quest Masters USA 1944 WM20.103026 WM20.   
Matthew Rae Scotland 1944 WM20.103251 WM20.103251   
Stan Mewhorter USA 1944 WM20.103295 WM20.32312   
Petros Prodromou Cyprus 1944 WM20.103321 WM20.9419  
K Holbrook USA 1944 WM20.103323 WM20.   
Jeff Klender USA 1943 WM20.103426 WM20.7223
Paul Cutler USA  1944 WM20.103506 WM20.941    
Henri Dopierala USA 1944 WM20.103611 WM20.55437   
Paolo Manfrin Italy 1944 WM20.103735 WM20.103735   
Constantinos Constantinides Cyprus 1944 WM20.103746 E8767C   
Ben de Koning Holland 1944 WM20.103950 YM20.11788   
Paul Eastwood UK 1944 WM20.104060 WM20.4047   
Barry Bodell USA 1944 WM20.104132 WM20.95034   
Greg Lendon USA 1944 WM20.104309 WM20.104309   
Paul Van Hoek Alaska 1944 WM20.104400 WM20.112568   
Jorgen Neckmar Sweden 1944 WM20.104413 WM20.33228   
Hugh Howes USA 1944 WM20.104441 WM20.5299   
John Bierens USA 1944 WM20.104537 WM20.69864   
Mick Skelly South-Africa 1944 WM20.104540 WM20.115628   
Gert Polman Holland 1944 WM20.104610 WM20.90139   
Lauren Thollander USA 1944 WM20.104671 WM20.10700   
Gerard Teeuwen Holland 1944 WM20.104687 WM20.96941   
Robin Mullett Canada 1944 WM20.104718 WM20.118584   
Tom Barnes UK 1944 WM20.104752 WM20.83367    
Paul Eastwood 1944 WM20.105423 WM20.92482  
Luciano Brambilla Italy 1944 WM20.105188 WM20.105188   
Bob Booth USA 1944 WM20.105192 WM20.113009   
William A Gray Shetland Islands 1944 WM20.105439 WM20.60890   
Unknown owner USA 1944 WM20.105564 WM20.115345   
Moncarey Filip Belgium 1944 WM20.105656 66-89 15191   
David Ackroyd New-Zealand 1944 WM20.105838 BW2177   
Phillip Cortes UK 1944 WM20.105948 WM20.97394   
Michael Gilbert UK 1944 WM20.105988 WM20.105988   
John Davis USA 1944 WM20.106007 WM20.117164   
Doug Price USA 1944 WM20.106013  WM20.93592   
Paul Anderson UK 1944 WM20.106043 WM20.106043   
Christoph Schimmler Germany 1944 WM20.106051 WM20.102156   
Peter Paul Camilleri Gozo-Malta 1944 WM20.106090 WM20.106090   
Stuart Bray UK 1944 WM20.106126 WM20.7814   
Mauro Bongiovanni Italy 1944 WM20.106167 WM20.106167   
Nicolas Bernal Argentina 1944 WM20.106213 WM20.62976   
Hussein Lokman Egypt 1944 WM20.106320 WM20.106320   
René Milas Belgium 1944 WM20.106677 WM20.106677   
Ben 1944 WM20.106801   WM20.106807   
Stuart Bray UK 1944 WM20.107231 WM20.70050   
Argiris Tsakiridis Greece 1944 WM20.107398 WM20.107398  
Evert van der Brink Holland 1944 WM20.107521 WM20.68338   
Claudy  Jacquier Switzerland 1944 WM20.107726 WM20.90905   
STEVE LANKTREE Canada 1944 WM20.107791 WM20.107791   
Alexander allan UK 1944 WM20.107841 WM20.107871   
Rod Walsh Ireland 1944 WM20.108127 WM20.2216   
Roberto Appendino Ireland 1944 WM20.108110 WM20.108068   
Paul_Robins UK 1944 WM20.108159 WM20.108159   
Mike Walsh Ireland 1944 WM20.108293 WM20.107973   
Hussein Lokman Egypt 1944 WM20.108414 WM20.44538   
Seamus Malone Ireland 1944 WM20.108589 WM20.108589   
Guido Ferluga Italy 1944 WM20.108626 WM20.108626   
Stephen Ottaway UK 1944 WM20.108945 WM20.108945  
Jimmy mullen Ireland 1944 WM20.108770 WM20.108770   
Wee Ah Beng Malaysia 1944 WM20.108855 WM20.29694   
Stephen Ottaway UK 1944 WM20.108945 WM20.108945   
Dave Australia 1944 WM20.109074 BM 1250   
Phil Smith New-Zealand 1944 WM20.109711 BW 3069    
Kevin Young UK 1944 WM20.109923 WM20.109923   
Bob Whiteaker USA 1944 WM20.110183 WM20.97509   
Murphy Davis USA 1944 WM20.110259 WM20.93828   
Nanda Bosman Holland 1944 WM20.110388 WM20.22519   
Kevin Mcdiarmid Canada 1944 WM20.110521 WM20.110521
Robert Yeager USA 1944 WM20.110568 WM20.   
Dendy_Montgomery Indonesia 1944 WM20.110804 WM20.69353   
Mike Margolis USA 1944 WM20.110856 LAK-3555   
Carl Armitage USA 1944 WM20.110956 WM20.110956   
Jaap Leutscher Holland 1944 WM20.112223 WM20.112223   
Don USA 1944 WM20.111250  WM20.   
Stephen J Martin UK 1944 WM20.111253 455   
Kjell Olofsson Sweden  1944 WM20.111314 WM20.111314   
Christer Karlsson Sweden 1944 WM20.111476 WM20.111476   
Andrew Honychurch UK 1944 WM20.111492 WM20.   
Mark Dunnington   1944 WM20.112552 WM20.112552  
Leon van Bekkum Holland 1944 WM20.111917 WM20.81475   
Benedict Lefeber Holland 1944 WM20.112167 5M938   
John Butterworth UK 1944 WM20.112211 WM20.   
John Smith USA 1944 WM20.112405 WM20.112405   
Clemens van Dusseldorp Holland 1944 WM20.112411 WM20.112411   
Gerard Witteveen Holland 1944 WM20.112464 WM20.116148   
Tjitte Wassenaar Holland 1944 WM20.112479 WM20.99767   
Stefano Guzzonato Italy 1944 WM20.112569 WM20.12192   
Danny DeFazio UK 1944 WM20.112609 WM20.112182   
Chris wood UK 1944