BSA WM20 Cables lengths

On average the outer cable length given in this list should work for all rigid girder BSA M20's. When the correct cable length is used it's easy to see how the cable original would have been situated on the bike, it fits just in one way and works with great ease. In general the length of the outer cable will always be usable no matter if all components are original or not. The inner cable needs to be made to the right size depening on the length needed. Part numbers are taken from the 1947 parts list length remains the same for all years.

Cable BSA Part number size in inches size in mm
Front brake cover DeLuxe with brake rod 66-8738 17  1/5 437 mm
Front brake cover 66-8746 33  3/8 848 mm
Clutch cover 66-8576 52  3/8 1330 mm
Ignition cover 66-8808 42  1/4 1073 mm
Exhaust cover 29-8780 37  1/8 943 mm
Air controle cover 15-9583 33 838 mm
Throttle outer cover 24-9511 36 915 mm