Technical section hints and tips

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Frame alignment gauge NEW Ron Pier
Oil tank support plate 66-4889 NEW Ray Schollick
Wiring and electrical equipment panel tank model 1937 - 1940 NEW Andy tizzard
A little extra power Ian Wright
Amal carburettor  PDF Andy Tizzard
Ammeters  Steve Madden
Bearings Ian Wright
Bearings, drive side

Dave Plumb

Big-end repair Dave Plumb
Cylinder head bolt torque values and big-end

Ian Wright

Cables lengths Henk Joore
Carrier early model Hlyner Tomasson
Canvas grips Hans Muller
Chromometric speedo repair Ian Wright
Clutch spring tool Hans Muller
Clutch problems Ian Wright
Cleaning Small Aluminum Parts of Oxidation Mike and Joe Rosson
Colour Source: British Forces Motorcycles
Crankshaft specifications Ian Wright
Crankshaft dismantling stand

Dave Plumb

Crankshaft, how to rebuild

Dave Plumb

Cylinder gaskets drawing downloads for laser or waterjet cutting.   Peter Vlietstra
Dynamo re-polarization Ron Pier
Electrical equipment  Steve / Henk
Engine shaft distance collar part number 66-660 Colin Gibson
Engine rear yoke plate 66-4157 Jan Vandevelde
Engine clearances and fits BSA WM20 Ian Wright
Field stand technical drawings and measurements  Unknown
Fieldstand fitting instructions   Alfons van den Ingh
Gaskets Ian Wright
Gearbox Gear Change Control Rod Adjustment  Ian Wright
Gearbox identification Neale Gentner
Gearbox washer Noam Pollak
Gearbox work Hans Muller
General Upkeep Hints and Tips for a Famous Old Warrior. John O'Brien
Girder Fork Specifications Ian Wright
Ignition settigs WD models Ian Wright
Ignition setting Hans Muller
Ignition timing Ian Wright
Leakdown tester Hans Muller
Lower chainguard Brian Moore
Markings & painting Henk Joore
Magneto oilseal Noam Pollak
Magdyno straps Hans Muller
Main bearing circlip and reference material

Mike Jeremy

Maintenance Manual Stuart Seal
Mounting the oil pump Hans Muller
Oil feed tell-tale Henk Joore
Oil filter cap Noam Pollak
Oil pumps, how to check Ian Wright
On the road - repair kit Hans Muller
Pannier bag corners Hans Muller
Pannier frame fitting instructions  Alfons van den Ingh
Pinion sleeve Noam Pollak
Rear brake light switch Hans Muller
Rear stand modification Hans Muller
Schrader tyre valve caps

Henk Joore

Smiths Speedo drive overhaul Ian Wright
Spanner sizes Ian Wright
Spring puller Hans Muller
Tank C numbers Henk Joore
Threads: Engine, Gearbox & Primary drive Ian Wright
Toolbox bracket Noam Pollak
Usful M20 data
Wheel building and frame dimensions Peter Vlietstra
Wiring  Steve Madden
Wiring diagram M20 Henk Joore
WM Wheel rim sizes Ron Pier