Ignition settings. WD Models
The following list gives the ignition timing settings for mag equipped WD Models.

NOTE: Settings are made with the contact breaker cam set in the fully advanced position unless otherwise stated. The correct contact breaker gap in all cases should be .012” and the spark plug gap .018”. Check the contact breaker gap regularly when the machine is in frequent use to maintain the correct gap. If the points gap becomes too large it will advance the timing setting, too small and it will retard the timing setting.

Contact breaker settings:
BSA WD M20….7’16” Before top dead center.
Norton 16H….7/16” BTDC
Norton Big 4….3/8” BTDC
Royal Enfield WD CO….3/8” BTDC
Royal Enfield WD C….3/8” BTDC
Ariel WNG….1/2” BTDC
Matchless G3….7/16” BTDC
Matchless G3L….7/16” BTDC
Triumph 3SW….5/16” BTDC
Triumph 5SW….5/16” BTDC
Triumph 3HW….3/8” BTDC
Velocette MAF….25/64” BTDC
Velocette MDD….25/64” BTDC