WD Ammeters


We all know how hard those Lucas CZ27 ammeters are to find today and expensive. They date from pre-WW2 and were used up to the late-1940's. The ones with domed glass being civilian type complete with illumination facility.


Now, a year or so ago now I went through various old ammeters I had lying around....and I found that some, not all, of the early 1950's/'60s Lucas ammeters were similar to the Type CZ27 and, with some care, could be taken apart. plus, they are still available and often cheaply too. Anyhow, I found a really good original WD CZ27 ammeter face, and did a really good, clear, photo-copy print of the face.


 cz27.jpg (411688 bytes)

This scan of a CZ27 ammeter face can be printed at the original size when it's printed with Adobe photoshop. With other printer programs it might take a few attempts to get it at the exact size. I hope to be able to put a better quality scan on this page in the near future. Click on the ammeter face to enlarge the picture.

I then cut-out this copy of the face, made a small slot (using craft-knife or steel punches) for the ammeter needle to go through then lightly glued this face on-top of the post-war Lucas ammeter face.

With care, following cleaning-up of components. I re-assembled the ammeter (including painting the rim khaki-green before assembly) and, unless you look extremely closely you end-up with a perfect looking, working copy of the correct wartime CZ27 ammeter!


Steve Madden.