Big-end repair


When you are repairing your crankshaft, you may not necessarily have to buy a new crank pin/big end assembly. You can hone out your con rod until it is cleaned up with no marks on it, then clean up your crank pin in a lathe with emery paper until you have the marks out of it. Now the clever bit! I hear you say that if you put new rollers in it, it will then be too loose, but no it won't be if you use Harley Davidson Big twin rollers that were fitted to the right hand case from 1936 to 1955. These rollers are an exact fit as a single roller instead of using two rollers per slot. The advantage of using these is that they are available in increments of 0.0002 (two tenths of one thousandth of an inch) all the way up to 0.001 oversize. if you check the size of your rollers that you took out you will probably find that they are worn a couple of thousandth of an inch, if you use the Harley rollers you can really take up some play! I have these rollers in stock at 10 per set only in 0.001 oversize, or if you are in the UK I can sort your big end out with them , if any one is interested please let me know.


Dave Plumb